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Business calls on governments to ratify the Paris Agreement on climate without further delay

The second Business & Climate Summit - convened by a network of partners that represent over 6 million businesses worldwide [...]

Architects of Paris Agreement to open Business & Climate Summit and turn commitments into action

The Business & Climate Summit – the second annual gathering of leading global businesses and politicians dedicated to climate action [...]

Six steps to energy sustainability and security

The International Chamber for Commerce (ICC) has produced a set of business recommendations on energy sustainability and security for G20 [...]

Making trade work for climate action: 4 facts you need to know

International trade has a critical role to play in protecting the environment. Trade negotiations in environmental goods could make a [...]

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Corporate responsibility & compliance

We fight for sound business ethics, more effective governance, rule of law and security at all levels of international trade.

A fair level playing field!

No matter the size of your company, care about ethics and compliance.

Self-regulation & dispute resolution

We believe in voluntary rules enforced by a self-regulatory organization for effective global business systems.

Arbitration, ADR, codes and model contracts

ICC offers arbitration and other forms of dispute resolution while making the case for business self-regulation.

A multilateral trading system

We plead for consistency, predictability and insurance against protectionism in trade and investment policies.

More trade is better for welfare

ICC supports multilateralism as the best way to find effective solutions to global challenges

Events, trainings & publications

We organize events and trainings that are run by some of the most influential and dynamic industry professionnals.

Check your ICC books and events

Our members can join forces for organizing local events or publications, or participate to the global ICC activities.