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The whole cycle of 5 small-scale high-level seminars covers compliance aspects of anti-corruption, antitrust, economic crime, data protection, privacy, export controls and economic sanctions, tax and accounting standards, customs requirements, etc.Covered areas should allow participants to cultivate the best reflexes when confronted with ethical dilemmas as well as raise or update their knowledge in different domains, in order to make bridges and gain in efficiency when managing compliance.

All companies should provide this opportunity to their officers, employees and third parties on relevant laws, regulations, corporate policies and prohibited conduct. Anybody involved in one or more aspects of compliance has benefits of expanding its knowledge of other areas and reinforce its general skills about compliance. Sales peoples, particularly when involved in risky countries, can benefit from it, like any workforce confronted with complex situations involving conflicting values, beliefs and moral choices.

This training was designed for Belgian companies, by Belgian experts. It is also supported by prominent Belgian organizations like the Federation of Enterprises in Belgium, the Belgian Chambers and Transparency International Belgium.

While in nonfinancial companies, resources for compliance, risk, audit, and legal functions are globally estimated to an average of only 0.5 for every 100 employees, new customer or third-party vetting requires more and more checks on adverse information. Beyond due diligence, transaction monitoring provides for non-compliance risks mitigation and business insights. But how do companies best make use of external and internal data to improve these processes?

  • Third Party Due Diligence principles and benefits: who do we do business with?
    By Kristl Matton, Corporate Security Officer @Umicore
  • Transaction Monitoring
    By Martim Della Valle, Founder @Zenith Source








Price :
• EUR 390,00 excl. VAT (21 %) for members of ICC Belgium or of a Belgian chamber of commerce (VOKA, BECI, CCI, IHK) or of a sector federation member of the FEB
• EUR 460,00 excl. VAT (21 %) for non-members

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