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The simplest definition of behavioural science is that it’s the study of human behaviour. For those of us in the compliance management profession, behavioural science is the science of predicting the future. Understanding how people have behaved in the past will help us understand how people will deal with ethical dilemmas in the future. It also helps to steer employees into ethical behaviour with innovative tools that go beyond training and communications.

Indeed, it appears that knowing the appropriate behaviour is not always sufficient to lead us to carry out that behaviour, and that compliance officers are in a perfect position to apply nudges to have a real impact in the corporate world and to measure their results.

Behavioural science encapsulates multiple fields of study, including psychology, sociology, social neuroscience, and cognitive science, and many others, and it focuses primarily on controlled observation of behaviour patterns in response to external stimuli.

As today companies are more than ever pressured to innovate and at the same time, exposed to compliance risks, more company officials should aware that the conjunction of both makes it urgent to elevate the maturity of their compliance management system, and to incorporate more innovation in this process too. To do so within the boundaries of budget, any spending on compliance should focus on the improvement of the productivity of the compliance practice in the company.

All companies should provide this opportunity to their employees and third parties to expand knowledge and reinforce general skills about compliance, this year with a focus on innovative practice in compliance management.

This training was designed for Belgian companies, by Belgian experts. It is also supported by prominent Belgian organizations like the Federation of Enterprises in Belgium, the Belgian Chambers and Transparency International Belgium.

This seminar is about how to “Foster compliance with behavioural science”. Taking the productivity of ethics & regulatory compliance to the next level might require compliance practitioners and business leaders to rethink integrity policies. In order to help them face the challenge of improving the ethical cultures inside organisations, this seminar intends to provide cutting edge insights on brain science and social psychology to improve effectiveness of communications and training. This seminar is part an Ethics & Regulatory Compliance training cycle: see the leaflet here.

14:00 – Introduction by Frederik Verhasselt, Academic Director of the Compliance Pro Training

14:30 – Presentation by Dr. Katharina Weghmann (I)

15:20 – Coffee break

15:40 – Presentation by Dr. Katharina Weghmann (II)

16:30 – Q&A

17:00 – end

Our speaker for this afternoon is praised as one of the top 25 women who revolutionise the German economy, selected by Zeit Online, Handelsblatt and Edition F.




Katharina holds a Doctorate in Organizational Learning and Adult Education from Columbia University, New York, and teaches responsibility and leadership at universities around the world. For years, she has focused her work on engaging with business leaders to understand their needs and challenges in implementing ethics. As a certified specialist in the areas of “Whistleblowing”, “Business Ethics” and “Systemic Learning”, Katharina focuses on the fields of “Integrity Management” and the “Future of Compliance” working group.

Price :
• EUR 390,00 excl. VAT (21 %) for members of ICC Belgium or of a Belgian chamber of commerce (VOKA, BECI, CCI, IHK) or of a sector federation member of the FEB
• EUR 460,00 excl. VAT (21 %) for non-members

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