We enter 2016 amid an increasingly uncertain global outlook: weak global growth, wild swings on stock markets, and a plummeting oil price have all raised concerns about a fresh financial crisis. As the world business organization—representing companies large and small in over 130 countries—we remain committed to promoting a global agenda that enables private sector growth and job creation.

A particular priority must be to reinvigorate trade growth which effectively flat-lined during 2015. Less trade means lower growth, less employment and fewer opportunities for the world’s poorest to escape poverty.

Working with our members and national committees, we will be active in making the case for polices to reverse this trend—from measures to ease the supply of trade credit through to a strengthened world trade agenda.

In keeping with our founding mission to promote responsible business, ICC is also firmly committed to playing a central role in the implementation of the United Nation’s 2030 development agenda.

Since the turn of the millennium, the world has seen extreme poverty more than halved. Business has been central to this success story, and—with the right support—can play a greater and more constructive role in realising growth and development opportunities in the future.

We look forward to working with you to realise the vision of a brighter and more prosperous future for all.

Download here our Programme of Action 2016 (*.pdf).

The Programme of Action presented here sets out a detailed work plan for ICC during 2016. ICC’s commissions, national committees and worldwide membership participate in shaping recommendations and rules that support private sector led growth and development.

Across all areas of our work, we aim to work in partnership with governments, international organizations and civil society to foster global policy solutions to issues that transcend national borders. Our work in 2015 on issues from climate change to Internet governance shows the growing importance of this approach.

Our programme this year incorporates a detailed overview of ICC’s dispute resolution activities — profiling our efforts to enhance the quality and reach of these vital services that remain the bedrock of our value proposition for global business.