ICC Business Integrity Compendium 2017 (free eBook)

ICC Business Integrity Compendium 2017 (free eBook)


A one-stop-shop for guidance on anti-corruption and supply chain due diligence, from the International Chamber of Commerce, the world business organization.

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Launched for Anti-corruption Day 2017, the ICC Business Integrity Compendium provides essential guidance on responsible business conduct for companies of all sizes.

The 2017 edition gathers all ICC Anti-corruption and Corporate Responsibility tools to date:

  • ICC Anti-corruption Third Party Due Diligence Guide for SMEs
  • ICC Guidelines on Gifts and Hospitality
  • ICC Anti-corruption Clause
  • ICC Rules on Combating Corruption
  • ICC Guidelines on Agents, Intermediaries and Other Third Parties
  • ICC Guide to Responsible Sourcing
  • ICC Guidelines on Whistleblowing

ICC, the world business organization, has spearheaded the drive for greater  integrity in business transactions as ICC believes that only a corruption-free system will enable all participants to compete on a level-playing field. ICC has also been a pioneer in asserting the business community’s commitment to act responsibly by taking into account human rights, social requirements, and environmental considerations when conducting business.

ICC emphasizes the critical role of corporate compliance and responsibility through self-imposed rules while recognizing the basic role of international organisations and national governments in the fight against corrupt practices and in favour of corporate responsibility.

As a response to many companies’ genuine interest in a comprehensive publication featuring ICC’s tools and recommendations in the area of anti-corruption, the ICC Commission on Corporate Responsibility and Anti-corruption developed the ICC Business Integrity Compendium (the “Compendium”) to enhance ethical corporate conduct and responsibility. The Compendium compiles the self-regulatory tools which have been developed over the last decades by international business experts and practitioners from all sectors of industry, commerce and finance. All were originally written in English and, to further enhance the outreach of the recommendations contained in the ICC business integrity documents, many of them have been translated in different languages and are available on the ICC website.


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